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 Hioki is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality electronic measuring equipment and devices used in a variety of industries including electrical, electronic, and automotive. They make a variety of testing and measuring instruments, including as multimeters, power analyzers, data recorders, insulation testers, clamp meters, and more.

Their instruments are frequently lauded for their precision, dependability, and technical innovation. They serve professionals and sectors that require precise measurements, such as electrical repair, energy management, manufacturing, and research and development.

Hioki's products are intended to suit a variety of requirements, ranging from basic electrical measurements to advanced analysis and testing in both laboratory and field settings. Their equipment frequently has advanced features such as data logging, wireless communication, and interoperability with data analysis software.


Hioki manufactures a wide range of clamp meters, which are commonly used in electrical work to measure current without having to separate the circuit. These instruments can measure alternating and direct current (AC and DC), voltage, resistance, frequency, and, in some cases, temperature. Here are some common models and their specifications:


Hioki 3280 Series: These clamp meters are small and simple to use, making them ideal for basic electrical measurements. AC current up to a few hundred amps, AC/DC voltage, resistance, and continuity are typical measurements. They are frequently preferred due to their portability and simplicity.

Hioki 3280-10F is one of the best-selling models and Adams Tool House is an authorized supplier for Hioki testing and measuring instruments in uae








Hioki 3290 Series: These clamp meters have more advanced features than the 3280 series. True RMS measurement, better current measuring capabilities, and additional measurement modes are frequently included. Some models in this series might include features like Bluetooth connectivity for data logging.


Hioki 3288/3288-20: These versions are frequently utilized in industrial and professional environments. They have a greater current measurement range, higher accuracy, and features such as peak hold, inrush current measurement, and resistance measurement up to 1000 ohms.






Hioki CM437X Series: These clamp meters are intended for use in harsh environments and applications. They frequently have bigger current ranges, superior precision, and features like as harmonic measurement, voltage detection, and CAT IV safety ratings.

















Hioki 3455: This type is well-known for its small size and fast measurement capabilities. It is suitable for fieldwork and has a variety of measurement ranges.

The measurement ranges, precision, additional features, and capabilities of these devices differ. The type you choose is determined by your intended usage, the range of measurements you require, and any other features that may be useful for your applications.


Also, below are new models added to their range



Hioki IR4056-20: A digital insulation resistance tester with a wider test voltage range. This model frequently includes capabilities such as automatic PI and DAR calculation, which are important in analysing insulation conditions.


Hioki IR4056-21: This device, like the IR4056-21, measures insulation resistance but may have various specifications or additional functions.


Hioki IR4057-50: This model frequently contains capabilities such as ramp voltage testing and step voltage testing, allowing for more extensive insulation state analysis.


Hioki IR4018-20: Known for its toughness and longevity, this insulation tester is appropriate for harsh settings and provides accurate insulation resistance measurements.

The test voltage ranges, precision, measurement capabilities, and additional characteristics of these models may differ. It's critical to think about your individual needs, the range of insulation resistance you need to test, and any other features that can be useful for your applications.



Hioki DT4252: This is a high-precision digital multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, and other things. It is well-known for its precision and dependability.


Hioki DT4282: Like the DT4252, this model is intended for professional use and includes a wide range of measurement features. It frequently contains extra features such as data logging and networking choices.



Hioki DT4256: This multimeter is noted for its high-speed measuring capabilities, making it ideal for quick and accurate readings in a variety of electrical applications.


Hioki DT4257: This model may include additional features such as low-pass filters, which can aid in the elimination of noise during electrical circuit testing.


Hioki DT4222: A compact and versatile DMM that is frequently used in both professional and amateur settings for general-purpose electrical measurements.

Hioki Digital multimeter typically come with features like auto-ranging, data hold, continuity testing, and sometimes Bluetooth or USB connectivity for data logging or remote monitoring. They often comply with safety standards and offer robust build quality for durability.


Phase Detectors

Hioki PD3129-10: This is a phase detector that helps electricians quickly determine the phase sequence by identifying live and de-energized wires. It is frequently utilised in three-phase systems.


Hioki PD3129-10N: This phase detector, like the PD3129-10, is designed for phase identification in three-phase systems and frequently includes safety upgrades and ergonomic design for ease of use.



Hioki PD3259-50: Digital phase detector may include functions like as phase rotation detection, phase loss detection, and high-voltage detection, making it appropriate for a wide range of industrial applications.


Hioki PD3128-10: This model may be a voltage and phase detector in one, allowing users to detect voltage presence while also identifying phases.


Hioki PD3129-10S: This phase detector may include specialised capabilities such as vibration detection, allowing users to detect live wires without touching the device.


Hioki 3481-20 : Voltage detector pen type




Hioki FT6031-03 : may have enhanced capabilities for measuring earth resistance and soil resistivity. It can offer precise measurements in a variety of soil conditions.

Hioki FT6031-50 : Remarkable waterproof and dustproof performance one touch testing for all 4 ground types


Hioki FT6032-03: Like the FT6031-03, this earth tester may provide extra features or measurement capabilities appropriate to certain applications and situations.



Hioki FT6035-03: This model, which is known for its high accuracy and resilience, may incorporate features for complete ground resistance measurement, such as the capacity to monitor leakage current.


Hioki FT3151: This model may concentrate on specific characteristics or functionalities to meet the needs of different users for ground resistance testing in various sectors.

Hioki FT6380-50: Clamp on earth testers

Typical features of these vehicles include:


Earth Resistance Measurement: The resistance of the grounding electrode or system is measured.

Soil Resistivity Testing: Testing the soil resistivity where the grounding system is placed.


Auto-ranging refers to the process of automatically selecting the right measuring range for reliable results.

Data Logging Capabilities: Some models may include data logging capabilities for storing and retrieving measurement data.

LCD Display: Displays measurement results in a clear and easy-to-read format.

Features that ensure safe operation during testing procedures.



Hioki PQ3198: This model is designed for comprehensive power quality analysis, capable of measuring a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power, harmonics, flicker, and more. It often includes features for in-depth analysis and reporting.


Hioki PQ3100: Known for its portability and ease of use, this analyzer might focus on specific power quality measurements and is suitable for on-site troubleshooting and analysis.



Hioki PQ3101: Similar to the PQ3100, this model could offer additional functionalities or capabilities, depending on specific user requirements.


Hioki PQ3198-PQ: A higher-end model that might include advanced features such as waveform recording, transient analysis, and communication interfaces for data transfer and analysis.

These Power Quality Analyzers typically measure parameters like voltage, current, frequency, power factor, harmonics, transients, and other power quality indicators. They often come with data logging capabilities, waveform analysis, harmonic analysis, and reporting functionalities to assess and diagnose power quality issues accurately.


Hioki PW3365 is a complete instrument for monitoring, analyzing, and managing electrical system power usage and quality. Its versatility and data logging capabilities make it an invaluable tool for experts involved in energy efficiency and power quality.


Hioki PW3360 is a useful tool for engineers, electricians, and professionals that work with power systems and need to ensure high-quality power supply and diagnose power quality issues. It aids in the maintenance of efficient and dependable electrical systems by recognising possible problems before they become major difficulties.

Power Quality Measurement: Capable of measuring various power parameters including voltage, current, power factor, frequency, active power, reactive power, and apparent power.


Harmonic Analysis: Able to detect and analyze harmonics, identifying harmonic distortion in electrical systems.



Event Recording: Records transient events, voltage sags, swells, interruptions, and other anomalies in power supply.


Data Logging: Allows continuous data recording over extended periods for analysis and reporting purposes.


Real-Time Display: Provides real-time measurements and graphical displays for quick analysis of electrical parameters.


PC Connectivity: Equipped with interfaces for data transfer to computers, enabling detailed analysis using dedicated software.


Power Quality Analysis Software: Includes software for analyzing recorded data, generating reports, and visualizing power quality trends.


Robust Design: Built to withstand industrial environments and usage.



Hioki BT3554: Battery HiTester for resistance and voltage measurement in various battery types, including lead-acid and lithium-ion.


BT3554-50 : instrument only with Z3210

BT3554-51 : with 9465-10 with Z3210

BT3554-52 : with L2020 with Z3210



Hioki LR8410 Series:


LR8410-20: Data logger designed for strain measurements in structural or material testing.

LR8410-50: High-speed strain logger intended for rapid measurement.


Hioki LR8400 Series:


LR8400-01: Multi-channel data logger capable of measuring voltage, temperature, and various other parameters.

LR8401: High-speed multi-channel logger with measurement capabilities for voltage, temperature, and more.

LR8402: Data logger designed for specific applications and measurements.

Hioki LR8514:


LR8514: Multi-channel logger capable of measuring voltage, temperature, strain, and more.

Hioki LR5000 Series:


LR5001: Data logger for temperature and humidity measurements.

LR5011: Data logger for temperature measurements.

LR5031: Instrumentation Logger 4-20Ma instrumentation signals.

LR5051: Clamp Logger for load current and weak current.

LR5041 : Voltage Logger

LR5042 : Voltage Logger

LR5043 : Voltage Logger




LR5011: High-speed logger with multi-channel capabilities for temperature and humidity monitoring.

Hioki LR8513:


LR8513: Logger specifically designed for AC leakage current measurements.

Hioki LR8431-20:


LR8431-20: Logging system intended for temperature monitoring in specific applications.



Lux meters, also known as light meters or illuminance meters, are devices used to measure the level of illumination or brightness in a given area. They are vital tools in various industries where proper lighting is essential for safety, comfort, productivity, and compliance with standards

Hioki FT3424 and FT3425 are designed to test the integrity of insulation in electrical systems. They are designed to assess the insulation resistance of electrical installations in order to assure their safety and reliability.










Infrared thermometers, also known as IR thermometers or laser thermometers, are non-contact temperature measurement devices used to measure the temperature of an object from a distance by detecting the infrared energy emitted by the object.






Sound level meters are devices used to measure the intensity or volume of sound in decibels (dB). They are essential tools in various industries, helping to monitor and control noise levels for compliance with safety regulations and ensuring comfortable environments.

Hioki FT3432

A sound level meter designed for measuring sound levels in decibels (dB) with various measurement ranges.

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