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Oil, Water Separator & Wash Water Recycle System

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FREYLIT has been producing and installing a wide range of oil/water separators since 1983. More than 90% of all gas stations in Austria are equipped with FREYLIT Oil separators. The special features of our Mineral and Residual Oil Separators are:

·         Oil outlet concentration BELOW 5 ppm (5 mg/L)

·         Corrugated coalescent plates have a minimum lifetime of 20 YEARS

·         all our oil separators are proved according to the Euro Norm EN 858-1 and all 

·         All our oil separators are proved according to the Euro Norm EN 858-1 and all certifications can be provided.

·         We have extensive experience in oil/water separation of more than 25 years and have completed many large projects worldwide.

·         FREYLIT oil separators are designed to the exact specifications and requirements of our clients and the modular plate – pack system – is the perfect solution for large scale industrial oil separators.

·         Flow rates from 3 liters/second up to 5000 liters/second or larger.

·         Our coalescent plate pack separators are the most economic and efficient method of treating such process waters


FREYLIT OWS Applications

·         Oil depots & Fuel storage facilities

·         Recovery of valuable oil from oil/water mixtures atoil fields

·         Oil fields & Refineries

·         Oil pipe lines

·         Power stations

·         Marine oil terminals

·         Steel mills, steel manufacturing

·         Ship yards • Ship yards

·         Harbors

·         Airports

·         Workshops

·         Car park

·         Garages (Road & Rail)

·         Airplane Hangars

·         Efficient oil contamination remedial operations

·         Oil Spill interventions


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