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Attendance system in Dubai

Attendance system in Dubai

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Time and Attendance Systems

Introduction To Time and Attendance Systems

Why We need a Proper Employee Time Attendance Management System?

As more and more business firms are budding around the globe,
managing their workforce effectively and productively has become a
challenge for all the companies.
Especially when it comes to the
calculation and monitoring of productive working time and managing the
various attendance policies of workers, the need of a proper and
appropriate monitoring and recording of working time and attendances of
employees has become most essential. Basically total working hours,
Shifts, Overtimes, Absents, Break times, leave records, late in reports,
early in and out reports etc. of an employee has to be marked properly,
otherwise the organizations with large number of employees are at high
risk of losing their competition in the market.

How Technology is used in Workforce Attendance Management Systems and Human Resource Management Systems

Formerly, in and out attendance marking of labors and workers were
done through manual registration with time card sheets. Manual time
keeping system takes a lot of time and ends up with calculation error.
Later on time clock machines with time punching cards came in to the
market, although this is not an automatic time attendance system , but
time clock devices provided companies a record of proper basic in and
out attendance records of employees.

Later on, this time card clocking system was replaced
with smart card and smart card readers like RFID card readers, Mifare
card readers and proximity card readers. Many companies started
recording of staff attendance with these types of Smart card punching
system. These smart card readers made attendance marking of workers,
employees and labors smarter.

Although smart card attendance recording system made
the system smarter But faced a serious issue of buddy punching among the
staff .Again managing the proper working hours of people and employees
has become a head ache for many organizations. Many Companies failed to
maintain the proper tracking of the attendance of their labors and
workers due to buddy punching.

Researches went on to overcome such situations. As a
result, biometric devices like finger print attendance devices, face
recognition attendance machines came to overcome such buddy punching.

Now palm vein readers and iris reading machines are also becoming more popular in attendance solution industry.

New Trends In Employee Attendance Management Systems:

There was a time even after the adoption of biometric machines,
companies were getting only in and out punching time from all the
attendance machines. Means basic attendance or absent or late reports.,
But with the use of biometric devices like finger print punching devices
and face detection machines companies could avoid buddy punching of

But things changed a lot when software industry
started focusing to provide solutions integrated with such biometric
time recording devices. Lots of software companies across the globe
researched and developed attendance software solutions which enabled
them to use the recorded punch details from the biometric clocking
machines to generate many kind of attendance reports, resulted a fully
automatic solution for Time attendance management systems.

In short attendance solution has become more like a software based solution than a simple hardware system.

What ACIX Dubai Provide as a Solution for Time Attendance System in Dubai , UAE?:

Are you looking for an attendance system which can increase your
efficiency and profitability?, Do you want to implement a proper system
for tracking and recording of the daily attendances and movements of
your employees in a manner that can give you hundreds of reports to help
you to increase your productivity?, then you are at the right place
when you are with Acix Middle East. We help companies, organizations
Across UAE to implement a proper system for employee time attendance in
UAE. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an
appropriate workforce and labor time management solution. With our
office located in Dubai ,but our services not limited to Dubai but
extended to all the other parts of emirates including Abu Dhabi,
Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al quwain, Al Ain etc,
Covering these markets We assist our clients for tracking , recording
and managing a proper working time and attendance records of the workers
to generate hundreds of management reports like leave reports, absent
reports , late reports, visitor reports, overtime reports, shift
reports, Man power allocation reports, Man power costing reports, Job
costing reports, etc.

ACIX Middle East

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